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Auto Repair for the Road Ahead

July 15th, 2014

auto repair columbus ohNearly every driver can attest to the stresses of owning a vehicle at one point or another. Whether it is scheduled maintenance or ensuring all regular safety checkpoints are reached, auto repair left unattended can quickly cause vehicle distress and damage. Comparable to most complications, if a minor auto repair is detected at its formation it is much easier to resolve before becoming a costly and complex repair. Schedule an appointment with Boyd’s Tire and Service Center for the best value in auto repair and tires in Columbus, OH.

Providing customers with a second-to-none comprehensive auto repair and tire retail facility, Boyd’s Tire and Service values nothing more than the safety of their customers. Staff understands that when a vehicle is serviced by their technicians, the customer has put complete ...[more]

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Auto Repair for Traveling the Road Ahead

April 22nd, 2014

tires columbus ohioIn this economy, we do almost anything to save money. From extreme couponing to down grading many facets of our life, saving money is more important than ever. However, how much money will skipping necessary auto repair or maintenance save you in the long run? The average American spends roughly $120 annually on oil changes, while the average transmission will cost nearly $4,000. Let this put into perspective: while saving a few dollars now might seem like a frugal idea, in the long run might be incredibly costly.

Simple auto repair such as tune-ups and oil changes will not only increase the life of your vehicle in the long term, but improve the performance, maneuverability and fuel economy in the short term. Regular auto repair also helps to improve the safety of your vehicle. Often small problems cannot be detected ...[more]

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Do You Have Good Brakes?

February 28th, 2014
There are some things on your vehicle that you should have confidence in and never worry about. Is everyone buckled up? Do I have a full tank of gas? Your vehicle should make you feel safe and secure, and keep you and your loved ones safe throughout your travel. It goes then, without much, saying that you also need to be confident in your brakes. This function is the one thing keeping you out of harm’s way in the event of an accident or road hazard. Think about it, you do not want to find out in the middle of a busy highway when everyone has slammed on their brakes that yours have not been properly maintained or are failing. Knowing that your brakes are in great condition will keep you safe, and prevent a leading cause for many accidents on the road. 
There are several che ...[more]
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Best Place To Shop Tires In Central Ohio

August 23rd, 2011

Boyd's Tire in Central OhioAmong the best places to shop tires in central Ohio is Boyd's Tire and service center. Boyd's Tire is a family owned business and has 7 convenient locations in central Ohio to serve you! There are several brands of tires that are offered by this service center.

Great offers and discounts are given on various tire sales throughout the locations. The quality of tires in our discounts has not been compromised and is standard right across the seven locations.

Other services that are offered include automated computerized wheel alignment that ensures that the balance of wheels is just right. The entire body mass of a chassis, e ...[more]

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Tires And Automotive Repair Services Options In Central Ohio

July 31st, 2011

Boyd's Tire and Service CenterTires and automotive repair services are widely available in the Central Ohio area, which lends the consumer several choices. Boyd's Tire & Service Center has 7 locations that offer several numerous tire and repair services. Whether the automobile owner needs a minor tune-up or just a simple service, they will have several different options.

Boyd's Tire & Service Center provides multiple services, which can include brakes, tires and ...[more]

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Are Brakes Supposed to Sound Like That?

July 28th, 2011

Most people do not know how to repair or replace their vehicle's brakes, but with a little instruction, most people can assess whether or not there is a break in their brakes.

Determining car problems can be challenging, if you've had no training. When certain items on your car break, like a door handle, you may be able to postpone the repairs. However, brakes require immediate attention. Some people avoid repairing/replacing their brakes in an attempt to get more mileage out of them. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Brakes should be replaced the moment you suspect there is something wrong with them. A good practice is to make sure your brakes are examined, whenever you have your car serviced. Repairing/Replacing the brakes, before they no longer perform the way they s ...[more]

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