Finding a Good Mechanic In Your Town

January 3rd, 2017

If you haven’t heard, the days of the shade-tree mechanic are just about gone…and so are the days of the mechanic who isn’t up on the latest in automotive technology. Every town has multiple options for auto repair, from dealership service departments to big-box chains to mom-and-pop shops. Here are some things to bear in mind when you’re looking for a reliable auto repair shop.

What does the shop and waiting area look like? Neat, clean, and organized, or dirty and greasy with parts and junk laying in every corner? Either way is a big reflection on the conscientiousness of the rest of the operation.

Are the technicians and staff busy working on vehicles, or are they standing around not doing much?

Does the shop have an ASE certification? ASE stands for Automotive Service Excellence; for over 40 years, ASE has offered certifications for technicians and shops that indicate real expertise in various aspects of automotive repair. Testing for certification is rigorous, comprehensive, and is updated regularly to keep up with advances in automotive technology. An ASE certification for either a shop or a technician means that your vehicle is in good hands.  

A CAR certification is also important. CAR stands for Certified Auto Repair and means that a shop has to meet rigorous standards of quality based on reputation, integrity, qualifications, and expertise. It means that your shop has a degree of professionalism and customer satisfaction that you can really rely on.

Talk to the technicians and service advisers. They should be able to tell you what your problem is in clear and direct language that you can understand. Trust your gut on this one.

At Boyd’s Tire & Service, we’ve been serving drivers for over 20 years now, with OEM-quality replacement parts, ASE-certified technicians and top quality tires at affordable prices. You won’t find a shabby waiting room or service bay here…we just offer the best auto repair you’ll find anywhere, and real attention to customer satisfaction. Why go anywhere else? 


ASE Certified in Westerville OH

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