Tire Guide: Decoding Tire Differences

August 4th, 2010

tires columbus ohio The only part of a vehicle with direct contact to the road, buying the correct tires can improve both maneuverability and dependability. Serving Columbus, OH as the premier dealer of top quality tires, Boyd’s Tire and Service Center understands finding the right tire can be difficult when differentiating between performance levels. Consult the trusted staff of Boyd’s Tire and Service Center for information and specifications on all tires, with knowledgeable advice to best suit driving styles and travel conditions.  

From tire brand to design, understanding what distinguishes one tire from the next can be a daunting task for any vehicle owner. However, with over eighteen years of experience in tire retail selection and installation in Columbus, OH, Boyd’s Tire and Service Center is eager to help customers in tire selection to take their vehicle the distance.

To properly begin the tire selection process, a driver must first consider each tire having different qualities and performance variations to undertake specific conditions and terrain. The most common tires are all-season tires, much as the name suggests all-season tires are capable of use in snow, sleet or rain. However, as a general rule, while all-season tires are not specifically designed for high performance in winter weather. Thus, if frequent travel in snow or winter weather conditions is expected other tires should be considered.

Secondly, performance all-season tires, offering every advantage in drivability of an all-season tires with comparably improved traction and maneuverability in snow and winter weather. Providing drivers with higher speed ratings, performance all-season tires also typically offer improved braking and handling for travel at higher speeds with quicker stops. Lastly, ultra-performance tires are designed for high performance sport cars and sedans, what ultra-performance tires offer in heightened handling and steering ability consequently lack in riding comfort and tread wear. Often ultra-performance tires are designed per season, thus summer tires will not function properly in winter and vice versa.

Schedule an appointment with Boyd’s Tire and Service Center to experience the highest quality in tires retail and installation in the Columbus, OH area. Technicians look forward to helping customers find the best fit tires for their vehicle with unbeatable prices and servicing. 

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