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October 7th, 2015


    Winter Driving Tips OhioNo one likes driving in the snow, especially during a winter storm. We all try to avoid it, but sometimes we can't, and we get caught in the middle of it. When this happens, it is important to know what to do and how to prepare yourself. The first thing you should do is decrease your speed and give yourself plenty of room to stop. Second, turn on your lights and windshield wipers. Finally, don't try to pass anyone on the road, even if you think your vehicle can handle the conditions. All vehicles including all wheel drive vehicles and trucks encounter problems on winter roads.

     It is important that we all be courteous and respectful to each other, when it comes to driving, especially in the winter. By using common sense and being respectful, we all can be safe on the roads. It is also important to be prepared by having good winter tires on your vehicle. Maintaining your winter tires is no different from maintaining your summer tires. By keeping up with air checks and rotations, your winter tires should last you as long as your summer tires do. For those who don't know, you should check the air in your tires every month and rotate your tires every five thousand miles.

     If you have to do some driving this winter, make sure that you are well prepared. Being well prepared is not only safer for you, but also for others. Make sure you have all the winter necessities for you and your vehicle, such as: an emergency kit, jumper cables, a blanket, flares or reflective traffic triangles, and a good, reliable phone.

     We care about our customers and their safety this winter season out on the road. We also care about the winter tires we professionally install on your vehicle. In conclusion, by utilizing common sense, respect, and being prepared, we all can be safe, when it comes to our winter driving. Please contact us, if you need help finding some safe and reliable winter tires for your vehicle.

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