Our Service Approach

The employees at your local Boyd's Tire & Automotive Repair Service adhere to a philosophy that assures you, our customer, of being an important partner in the decision involving the automotive service and repair of your vehicle. Our philosophy covers three areas:

  1. Central Ohio Tire and Automotive Repair ServiceRepairing an immediate problem;
  2. Other needed auto repairs; and
  3. Preventative maintenance services.

An explanation of each is stated below:


We will provide you with an estimate for your approval to fix the problem, for which you brought your automobile to us ... nothing more, nothing less. Some of our estimates may require a diagnostic fee to properly determine the required automotive repair service.


During the course of diagnosing, repairing, or safety checking your vehicle, we may come across other areas that need immediate or future attention. We will provide you with our recommendations without obligation. The decision to repair, obtain an estimate, or not act upon our recommendation is yours. We will be pleased to provide estimates or repairs, with your approval.


The employees at your local Boyd's Tire and Service Center believe that the proper way to maintain an automobile's safety, appearance, reliability and value is through regularly scheduled preventative maintenance that follows your car manufacturer's recommendations. We can supply you with this information, without obligation, to assist you in making informed decisions.

The employees at your Boyd's Tire and Service Centers welcome you to be a partner with us in the process of automotive repair and service. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thank you for your patronage!